"I tell the day by the alcohol I drink."


Kisaki Kaiser


Cheshire Cat, The Drunken Brawler




The Sindicate

Kisaki Kaiser was born the twin of Regis Kaiser. The two lost their parents early on and were separated at the tender age of 2. Kisaki grew up in the slums and lost her arm, she became a mechanist and built a new arm from scratch. The two met at the age of 16 and resolved to find their parents.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kisaki Kaiser manipulates and compresses her aura and releases it to attack the enemy with aura projectiles or other types of attack. She is forced to compress her aura all the time in the fear that it could wipe out a small city if left unchecked. She possesses the upper half of the stigma of Sloth. This grants her the ability to further compress her aura as well as augment her already formidable melee attacks. She has the power to increase the pressure in a 1 km radius.