Kyle Teef
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Kyle Teef


President of States Federation





Kyle Teef is from the Bloodline of Jusuf, one of the greatest summoners of all time, from his mother's side. His father was a common soldier. When he was three years old, he witnessed his father slain at the hands of Esil in a duel. He left his village and trained at the Temple of Rei, where his ancestors had trained before him. Highly gifted, he was allowed to go to the Cave of summoning, where all the strong summoners go to attain their Soul Link technique as the final stage of their training. He set out in the search of Esil and challenge him to a duel

He took part in the battle of Darkness and is one of the known heroes of the battle. He established the States Federation after Darkness's demise and united all the countries in tight bonds of friendship.

He married Jess Adams and has two kids. Natalie and Ethan.

Powers and Abilities.Edit

Kyle is a summoner. He can summon warrior beasts, animals that are skilled in combat, to him during fights. He is also skilled in using knives, daggers and garrote wires. He mastered the Soul link technique which is the ultimate technique for a summoner and can merge with the Four Great Sherei, Suzaku the red phoenix, Seiryuu the Blue dragon, Genbu the black turtle and Byakko the white tiger.

In his soul link technique, he can activate his Fifth circle, whereby he can combine the four sherei and can control gravity and use different dimensions.

The Story So FarEdit

Kyle Teef is the President of States Federation. He established the Federation as a means to promote peace and prosperity in the world. That was all going well till recently.

He had to battle Esil in Sadoyus to stop the takeover of the region by the Immortal King.

Then he was threatened by Myton on an attack as their messenger was killed and had to rush to negotiate a peace treaty. Side by side he became aware of a being called Gorgon that seems to be after the peace of world.

He and Mytlon established a friendly relationship and he went to visit their country.

Recently he seems to be to concerned by the "Faith" taking over his country and the Stigma user business.