"I swear, you'd lose your right arm if I hadn't bolted it to your body."


Regis Kaiser


Cheshire Cat, The Mechanist




The Sindicate

Regis Kaiser was born the twin of Kisaki Kaiser. The two lost their parents early on and were separated at the tender age of 2. He was raised in a family that supported his talent and became an inventor. The two met at the age of 16 and resolved to find their parents.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Regis Kaiser utilizes elemental reinforcement magic on his wrench and body to strengthen them or to add effects to their attacks. He possesses the lower portion of the stigma of Sloth which grants him control over gravity. He most often uses it to levitate and enhance the flying capabilities his mechanical wings grant him. He can also manipulate the gravity in a 1 km radius to orient itself with the direction of the surface his feet are on.