Serena in human form




Lieutenant General




Army, stripper club, Stigma user

Serena Transformed


Dancing Myth

She was found as a baby and brought up by humans in an orphanage. At the age of three, they found out her already-high skill in all dances, and at four they enrolled her in a ballet school, which was the only place she felt at home. She also went to other dance classes, paid for by the owners of the ballet school. At the age of six, they fostered her. Soon they found she could fly, and told her not to do it when anyone could see because no other human could. At 17, she stopped aging, and left the house. She has lived and gathered her money by dancing anywhere she could, not always in the best places. She used to dance in a strip club. After three years there she left and continued wondering, but has recently gone back on a mission for the army.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She is amazing at all dancing, but specialises in ballet. Very strong (thick steel cable is like a spider's web string), she uses her dances to fight. She can transform to make her technique in ballet better and her stregnth about twenty times stronger. She can fly even if not transformed, but doesn't have wings. Also can dance in the air. Very, very skilled with a sword. Very graceful and is a very acomplished thief - she never gets caught and can get into places with the tightest security and out again. Has an affinity with all animals, but especially ravens, cats and snakes, and a slight affinity to with the air. She can sense disturbances and fly, with or without being transformed. She possesses the Stigma of Lust, which means that she can make people do what she wants with her power of temptation.

The Story So FarEdit

Her first apperence was at the Temple of Rei, a school for summoners. As a non-summoner, she was one of the rare few to be accepted there. Afterwards, she trained soldiers in swordwork for the army, and worked her way up to Lieutenant General. Many of her soldiers appear to be scared of her, and she has been referred to as 'Goddess of the Battlefield'. Twice she has fought the great soldier on Esil's army Shekul, and survived, which is an achievement in itself as he kills all he fights. The fact she held her own and the fights only end when interrupted makes it better. But she also healed him when he was close to collapse from exhaustion, marched him into his camp and forced him to rest.

Later on, she was working in a refugee camp, and then after the war was over, did odd jobs while wartime was over. Then she went back to the strip club to find the gang kidnapping many of the strippers there. Then Valentine de Invida turned up and told her she was a Stigma user. In a lap-dance booth in the club.