"With order comes chaos, with chaos comes destruction, with destruction comes death, with death comes new order.


— Valentine de Invidia



Valentine de Invidia


The Envy







In Azuriya

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Valentine de Invidia is "The Envy" of the Sindicate. == Personality ==

Valentine is a person who hides his true feelings and his true intentions. He tends to put up a facade of a calm person. He has a charm that allows him to manipulate people, even to the extent of murder.


Mirage MimicryEdit

An ability obtained from the Stigma of Envy. It makes a mimicry of an ability of another. Special abilities unique to the user are almost impossible to copy.

Blind CloudEdit

Blind Cloud creates illusions

Mirror ImageEdit

Creates a replica of the user. Can only make one replica at a time.


Ability to teleport to anywhere.


Temptress' WillEdit

A weapon able to morph between a katana, gun, or scythe. The gun version fires compressed air or energy if available from user.


Valentine de Invidia was born the heir to the Invidia monarchy, one of the seven governing bodies of Saligia, a rich isolated island kingdom. When he was 7, Saligia was invaded by cult fanatics who worshipped the Darkness. Valentine and the other heirs of governing families of Saligia settled in Atlantis, Saligia's private getaway for nobles. They created Sindicate, an intelligence network that aided several guerilla groups battle against tyranny and cults based on the Darkness. When the Darkness was finally defeated, the Sindicate dabbed into finance. This led Valentine and Reed de Avaritia to be in the top ten richest people in the world. However, after Sindicate discovered a disturbing truth about the Darkness, they became targets of an unknown enemy. All but Valentine and 'The Sloth' were assassinated.


Shortly during their time at Azuriya, Valentine assassinated Sloth in order to renew Sindicate. He then flew to St. Azula's Airport where he had Link Hyde kill everyone to allow him to escape.


  • Valentine shares a name with a character in the MC Universe.
  • Valentine's sin theme is "envy"
  • Invidia is Latin for "envy"